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Connected Mind (mind mapping)

2.99 usd

Mind mapping apps fall into two camps:• true mind mapping - as first described by Tony Buzan in his book called "Use Your Head"• pseudo mind mapping - a chart where text is horizontal and usually in bubbles with automatic layoutConnected Mind is the only app (other than Buzan's own iMindMap) that aims to support true mind mapping. The key difference is that true mind maps are unique, personalised and distinctive, which helps make them memorable. In contrast, pseudo mind maps all tend to look very similar.
Revolutionary free hand drawingUsing Connected Mind’s revolutionary freehand drawing features you can quickly create unique mind maps that are very easy to maintain. It’s just like using pen and paper but better. Connected Mind takes full advantage of touch interfaces, which are perfect for the hand-drawn approach. This gives you complete control over the layout of your maps. You can easily include images and shapes or select from a rainbow of colors and fonts to personalize your maps. Simple touch screen commands provide direct and intuitive control. Tap anywhere on a branch to change or resize, press down to reposition the branch on the canvas or press the end of the branch to quickly relink it to a new parent.
Safe, secure and available everywhereBacking up your mind maps in the Connected Mind cloud is a breeze, free of charge and ensures your masterpieces always stay safe and secure. Once in the cloud you can continue to play with your favorite mind maps on any other android tablet or phone, iPad or a windows/mac/chromebook computer that has Chrome installed.
What is Mind Mapping?Mind mapping helps you learn to visually organize and link concepts, ideas, words and images around a central topic. In today’s world we suffer from information overload. Connected Mind provides you with a creative way to structure the information so that it makes sense to you personally.
Helping students learnWhen you learn a new concept, you add it to the appropriate place in the mind map. In order to do that, you have to analyze the patterns, structures, and connections of concepts within your topic. This promotes better understanding, memorization, and recall, as well as the ability to apply knowledge in new situations. Connected Mind offers enough flexibility to maintain interest and encourage curiosity while still providing the structure that keeps you on track as a learner.
The Toolbox includes: ✓ 34 funky fonts✓ 38 adjustable character sizes✓ 27 different resizable shapes✓ Gorgeous color gradient fills✓ An unlimited rainbow of colors✓ Any custom image you want✓ Size and clip images to any of the 27 shapes✓ Creative control over the layout of your map✓ Unlimited undo & redo (no mistakes!)✓ Share an image of your mind map with friends
Boring (but important) tech stuff:✓ Backup mind maps to the Connected Mind cloud✓ Play with you maps on multiple devices – Android, iOS and Chrome✓ Delete or rename maps✓ Supports Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat✓ Pinch-zoom and double tap to zoom in/out✓ Autosaves when you leave the app✓ Works offline✓ Import mind maps created in Freemind format via the Chrome version✓ Share a Mind Map image with any installed app that can accept images, such as Messaging, GMail, Twitter, etc✓ Automatic smoothing of hand drawn lines✓ No account or login required - uses your existing Google sign in✓ Supports 2 factor authentication